Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Iran

The National Committee 

This committee was established on September 27, 2022 by SIMOURQ asbl, started its activities immidiately in accordance with its human rights objectives. The National Committee has been managed, independently, since July 2023. There is no tendency and bias of a political, religious opinion or a specific person in The National Commitee's activities; only along with any efforts to defend the human rights and the democratic Iran of tomorrow by supporting the revolutionary movement of the Iranian people under the following principle:

  • 1- Respect for human rights

    Absolute respect for the various international human rights instruments, in particular the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • 2- Respect the beliefs and ethnicities of Iranians

    Respect for the various beliefs and ethnic groups forming the Iranian people, within an Iran united by its cultural and religious diversity.

  • 3- Respect for freedom of expression

    Respect for everyone's freedom of expression within the framework of the laws democratically established within an elected Assembly, and drawing its legitimacy from the existence of a free and enlightened people.

The objectives of the committee:

  • Supporting national unity and solidarity among the Iranian opposition abroad.

  • Human rights activities for Iranians.

  • Support the democratic rights of the Iranians.

  • Support the rights of Iranian LGBTQIA2S+ .

  • Support for religious minorities.

  • Support Iranian women's rights.

  • Support the rights of Iranian children.

  • Protect animal rights.

  • Protection of nature and natural resources.

  • Activities for clean air and green earth.


Board of directors

Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Iran






DADRASI Amirasalar

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Become a member of our committee! We need members to defend human rights in Iran, we need people who support us, who give us suggestions, criticisms and comments, who tell their friends about us and, finally, people who support us financially!
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The Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Iran

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