Comité pour la défense des droits de l'Homme en Iran

Saturday, 16 Sep 2023, 13:00 - Luxembourg

Unveiling the Spirit of Freedom: A Collaborative Endeavor by the National Committee and Iranian Student Association
Embracing the Legacy: "Woman, Life, Freedom"
On the anniversary of the people's uprising, which began with the brutal murder of Mahsa (Jina) Amini, we stand in solidarity with nations across the globe, uniting under the banner of "Woman" to honor life and champion freedom. We shall vocalize their names, echoing through the farthest corners of the world. We shall speak the names of all freedom fighters, those deprived of the right to live by the hands of dictators. Those whose names symbolize victory over tyranny and discrimination.
The National Committee, in harmonious collaboration with the Iranian Student Association, invites you to an exceptional event. On the vibrant canvas of the Cassange Cultural Hall in Luxembourg City, the stage is set on Saturday, September 16, 2023, from 1:00 PM onwards. Brace yourself for an array of enchanting experiences – compelling orations, an evocative gallery of imagery and film, revolutionary artistry, and soul-stirring melodies. Dignitaries shall grace the occasion, united in the cause of freedom.
Centre culturel Cessange / 1 Rue St Joseph / L-1838 Luxembourg
For further details, please visit the National Committee's website at
Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 16, 2023, at 1:00 PM. We kindly ask you to share this event with your friends and acquaintances.
Those interested in contributing to the grandeur of this event can offer their financial support by depositing funds to the National Committee's bank account:
IBAN: LU46 1111 7562 2614 0000

Long Live Iran
In the Name of Woman, in Honor of Life, and for Freedom
National Committee and Iranian Student Association

Manifestation of May 14, 2023 - Luxembourg





Six months ago, with the government killing of Gina-Mahsa Amini, an uprising began in Iran with the motto of No to Compulsory Hijab. Within a few weeks and with a remarkable speed, the uprising led to a revolutionary movement named Woman, Life, Freedom and called for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran. With its ups and downs, this revolutionary movement is now making the grounds for a full-fledged revolution in Iran. 

By revisiting the criteria of this evolutionary movement and highlighting the historical resemblances with Iran's immediate and distance past, this talk intends to look at the challenges facing this movement. 

When: Friday, 10 March 2023, 18:00 

Where: Paul Feidert Conference room, 6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, L-1359, Luxembourg

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